An American Icon since 1946, Hot Dog on a Stick™ is an amazing company that began as the entrepreneurial dream of Dave Barham. What began as a small beachfront store in Santa Monica has grown to over 70 locations in 7 states, as well as locations in Korea! And that beachfront store in Santa Monica is STILL serving our famous food and lemonade to beachgoers today!

Hot Dog on a Stick™ has stayed true to its roots by still serving our original lemonade and hot dogs on a stick, and has grown to include cheese on a stick, French fries, funnel cake sticks, and even Nathan’s Famous beef hot dogs! Today’s menu still offers our original delicious products, that are still made fresh, to serve our hungry, loyal customers.

Hot Dog on a Stick™ serves the finest products, with the friendliest customer service around. Our employees are known for their cheery smiles, bright uniforms, and of course, the striped hat!!

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Our Story

Dave Barham opened his first store in 1946 on the beach in Santa Monica, and this location was originally called Party Puffs. This original location changed to Hot Dog on a Stick™, and is still selling sizzling hot dogs on a stick and freshly made delicious lemonade today.

Dave’s first products were ice cream cones and lemonade. Then using his mom’s cornbread recipe, Dave perfected the hot dog on a stick! Next, he took these products on the road and started selling them at the county fairs. Dave hooked up portable stands to his Lincoln Continental and introduced fairgoers to Hot Dog on a Stick™. His next idea…was to hit the malls!

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