Dave Barham and Employee

Dave’s Gift

Hot Dog on a Stick™ founder Dave Barham believed in sharing his good fortune with the people that helped him achieve success. For many years, Dave mentored a management team and armed them with long-term strategies and aggressive marketing and operating plans. Prior to his passing in 1991, Dave set up his estate to give the ESOP an option to purchase the company from his trust, paving the way for the success we enjoy today.

Dave and Company – ESOP Awards

National ESOP Association (AACE Awards)

  • 2009 External Advertising — Website Winner; Total Communications Runner Up
  • 2007 Total Communications Winner
  • 2004 Audio Visual Winner
  • 2003 Audio Visual Runner Up
  • 2002 Printed Materials Winner; Audio Visual Runner Up; Total Communications Runner Up
  • 2000 Total Communications Runner Up
  • 1995 Printed Communications Winner – Young ESOP

California Western States Chapter ESOP Association Awards)

  • 2009 Best ESOP Event; Communication Excellence Winner for Facebook, Company Calendar, and Poster
  • 2008 Company Website Winner
  • 2007 Communication Excellence Winner for Company Newsletter; Communication Excellence Winner for Employee Education
  • 2005 Most Effective ESOP Committee
  • 2003 Company of the Year

National Center For Employee Ownership (NCEO) Awards)

  • 2006 Innovations Award

National Restaurant Association Awards)

  • 2009 Quick Service Spirit Award Winner